Paidso Investment

Paidso Investment Program

Let your money work for you while you get the profits. This is a very reliable way of earning income if you do not want to get involved in activities online. We do all the work and then we share the overall profits with you.

We are engaged in several digital business activities and you can be sure that all our businesses are working. Therefore, be rest assured you are investing with the right set of business people. We guarantee that you will never make any loss with us.

How the PIP works

  1. Use the PIP payout calculator to determine how much you wish to invest, and for how many months. The minimum is six months and the maximum is one year. Be informed that the more your leave your money to work for you, the more money you can make. This effect of leaving your money in the Paidso investment system is called Monthly Duration Effect. Please note your weekly payout after one month of investment. This is the amount you will be paid every week after your investment capital has stayed for one month. If you are not ready to invest, PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON THE “APPLY FOR PIP NOW” BUTTON. But if you are ready proceed to the next step.
  2. Click on the Apply for PIP Now button. Your application summary will be transferred to your application form automatically. Go through the form and understand and accept the details of your application. Make sure that everything is in line with what you want to achieve and the expectations you should have in mind. Then click on the Submit button.
  3. You will then be redirected to purchase your PIP Credits. Follow the steps to buy the PIP credits. Use the most convenient method of payment. Once your purchase is complete, your investment has started.
  4. After one month, your weekly payout will be made to your Paidso wallet. You can withdraw it immediately or allow it to accrue to any amount. You have the freedom of withdrawing your wallet balance at any time.

Get Started

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Purchase & Investment History

Victor Irehovbude30,000PIP Credits purchase
Abraham Attama100,000PIP Credits purchase
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